Start Your Career In Floristry - Information Session October 17, 2019

Aug 08, 2019

If floristry is your something you've been wanting to pursue, but didn't get the chance this year, we are holding an Information Session for next years intake, on October 17th, 2019 at our Port Melbourne classroom. Come along and meet the Bloom Team as well as find out everything you need to know about this life changing course.

We have limited space so if you would like to attend, just follow the links to register (it's FREE), and it's not a problem if you want to bring your partner, sister, mother, great uncle, anyone who supports you and your dreams. Include them in the numbers when registering!

See you there!

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Elements & Principles of Design in Relation to Floristry

Aug 08, 2019

The elements & principles of design are universal, absolutely everything we use or create from a single flower to large scale arrangements incorporate the use of the elements and of design.  Correct use of the elements and principles of design ensures a pleasing arrangement.  All arrangements include the elements of design almost by default, the designers job is to incorporate the elements using the principles as a guide.

The elements of design are as follows:

  • Colour
  • Form
  • Texture
  • Space
  • Line

The principles are:

  • Balance
  • Dominance
  • Contrast
  • Rhythm
  • Proportion
  • Scale
  • Harmony

Floral designers need to correctly apply the principles to each element. When practicing, a designer can look at one element at a time.  For example, a designer may ask themselves the following questions “Have I correctly balanced the colour within my design? Have I used rhythm by the use of colour? Have I used scale to ensure the colours are from light to dark? Have I used colours of...

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