Designed for everyone from hobbyists to professional florists and business owners, our online community will give you the knowledge, skills and industry expertise to shine.

$9.95 AUD per month

What's included

Access to experts

Get direct feedback and support for anything you would like to discuss about flowers or floristry.

Our Bloom College teachers are experienced florists and business owners, so you know you're being supported by industry leaders who've been there and done it.

Feed your soul with flowers

We envisage a world where people include flowers as an essential element to their self fulfilment. The positive energy of flowers is food for our souls.

Our mission is to share the positive benefits of flower arranging to all who are ready to receive, and the Bloomers Club is one of our favourite ways to do that.

Private Facebook Group

Join in the conversation as our community shares the latest skills, knowledge and seasonal flowers from around the world.

Ask questions, share your creations for feedback or just follow along as we nurture your fellow flower enthusiasts.

10% discount on all products

We want our Bloomers Club community to have access to the best knowledge, resources and education.

So for as long as you stay a member, you'll get a 10% discount on all of our online products and memberships.

If you're ever in Melbourne, you can even get a discount to attend our live workshops and courses.

Who is this suitable for?


If you love arranging flowers from home and want to join our community, ask questions and sharpen your skills, this is definitely for you.

Floristry Professionals

Keep up to date with the latest arrangement techniques, and take advantage of work opportunities the group presents.

Business Owners

Learn from our successful floristry business owners and teachers to stay on top of the latest developments in the industry.


Our Bloomers Club online community is designed to give flower lovers access to expert advice, state of the art training, and the ability to connect with and learn from florists, business owners and those just starting out.

Yvette Timmins
Founder & Director of Bloom College

"Flowers are my medicine, they feed the soul"

The beauty of flowers is for all to enjoy, admire and feel. The energy of flowers can heal the mind, body and soul. Arranging flowers can be learnt with step-by-step instructions, but the therapy of working with flowers comes from using them intuitively. Let your student self learn the basics and principles of how to make arrangements, then allow your intuition and creativity to guide you as you use your new knowledge and skills.