Bloom Basics

This is your perfect follow on course from the beginner starting point at Flower Fundamentals.

Take all the skills and knowledge you learnt during Flower Fundamentals and feed your inner creativity during this detailed video tutorial course.  

$127 AUD

What's Included

You will receive 4 intermediate floristry tutorials


A floristry staple for weddings and formal events. Once you nail your wiring & taping techniques, the sky is the limit for the creativity your can express with a buttonhole.

Table Centrepiece

Learn how to create a stunning table centrepiece for your next dinner party or to take as a gift for your next hosts!
The basics of a centrepiece can be reinterpreted infinitely.

Garden Herb & Rose Posy

One of the most original floral arrangements. Learn the spiraling technique used to create posies and bouquets. This spin on the traditional posy incorporates fresh ingredients from the garden.

Tropical Arrangement

Often seen in corporate office or home settings, this spectacular arrangement teaches you how to work with stunning tropicals and create a linear design, emphasising negative space and natural lines.

Bonus Basics

You will also receive 4 bonus video tutorials covering some essential floristry knowledge from how to best care for your botanicals, which vases & containers to use, which tools and accessories you need for floristry and the essential technique of wiring & taping.

Botanical materials, care and maintenance

Learn how to condition and care for your botanicals, before & after arranging, to get the most life out of them!

Vases, containers and foam

Yvette goes over the many, many different types of vessels and vases that can be used in floristry, and the different ways that you can use them.

Tools and accessories

Having the right tools in floristry and flower arranging is critical to keep you clean, safe and efficient, while giving you the ability to be creative and innovative with your designs.

Wiring and taping

Learn the basis of many floral designs - wiring & taping.

Bloom Basics

Take the next step into becoming an Intermediate Flower Arranger with the Bloom Basics Course available online now.

Yvette Timmins
Founder & Director of Bloom College

"Flowers are my medicine, they feed the soul"

The beauty of flowers is for all to enjoy, admire and feel. The energy of flowers can heal the mind, body and soul. Arranging flowers can be learnt with step-by-step instructions, but the therapy of working with flowers comes from using them intuitively. Let your student self learn the basics and principles of how to make arrangements, then allow your intuition and creativity to guide you as you use your new knowledge and skills.